Wodonga Council drops rubbish charge

Wodonga mayor Rodney Wangman.
Wodonga mayor Rodney Wangman.

WODONGA ratepayers have won a small reprieve in this year’s rate notices.

Households will get a $17.40 reduction in garbage charges following the repeal of the carbon tax.

The Wodonga transfer station will also charge $5 less per trailer with other fees to be reduced.

The council expects to save $262,500 at Albury tip with a gate fee reduction of $35 per tonne, which will filter through to Wodonga transfer station and household charges.

Speaking at last night’s council meeting, where the changes were approved, mayor Rodney Wangman said the council would see its electricity savings passed on ahead of next year’s budget.

“The rates notices for this year have not yet gone out,” he said.

“They will be going out next week.

“We had an opportunity through the rates and charges aspects of these rates notices to make these adjustments.

“We won’t know the changes in terms of power costs to the council in this current rating period.”

Cr Anna Speedie recommended the council write to its electricity provider to ask about savings.

“We have some fairly hefty bills,” she said.

“One of the biggest ones we incur for the city for our ratepayers is actually our power bill.

“I think it would be fortuitous of us to put in writing a question to our power provider about the passing on of such savings and when we should expect to see them.”

Cr Speedie said the council had been awaiting the result of last night’s meeting before sending out this year’s rate notices.

A report before the council noted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would monitor price changes.

“The commission expects that cost savings arising from the carbon tax repeal will be passed through to consumers,” commission chairman Rob Sims said in the document.

“With the repeal of the carbon tax, the commission’s role shifts to an enforcement focus.”

The report noted the council conducted weekly bin collections, transported waste to Albury tip, rented bins and undertook street sweeping.