Riding wave of new jobs | Editorial

INNOVATION is a necessity these days when it comes to creating new jobs.

Even old-style employers such as manufacturing have had to look at new ways to thrive in the Border region.

Many have done that with considerable success, such as Walla engineering business Kotzur Silos and Wodonga’s JC Butko Engineering.

In Beechworth though a very different approach is being made to job creation.

News that almost 100 jobs could result from the development of a cycling hub in the town is very welcome indeed.

And the Beehive Project appears to be no pie in the sky proposal for the Mayday Hills site.

The fact that Tourism Victoria is on board shows it is a genuine, worthy plan that could bring even more tourist dollars to Beechworth and the Border region.

Concerns have been raised by some residents that heritage values must not be compromised by the plan.

This is not an unreasonable response, but it is heartening to hear the developer say that heritage requirements will be treated seriously.

The hub, should it proceed, could be a major win for the region and we wish its proponents well.