Yackandandah showing way on renewable energy use | Editorial

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THE small town of Yackandandah has lofty aspirations to be a world leader when it comes to energy consumption.

The town wants to be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy within six years, and a committee behind the plan says the first step is spreading the word.

Totally Renewable Yackandandah committee member Matthew Charles-Jones said the idea was for the community to be proactive in assessing its energy needs and solutions.

Those residents who haven’t done so already will be encouraged to install their own solar systems.

Residents will also be asked to consider changing to an energy retailer that sells renewable energy.

It is an ambitious plan that relies on a commitment from every resident.

But the benefits of achieving their goal would be shared by all.

Inspiration can be found in the German village of Wildpoldsried, which produces more than 300 per cent of the energy it needs.

The village has reduced its carbon footprint by 65 per cent, and now rakes in almost $6 million in revenue from renewable energy.