Thieves steal building materials from Wodonga houses under construction

HOUSEHOLD appliances, fittings and building materials valued at more than $10,000 have been stolen from four residential building sites in Wodonga.

The construction sites, where houses are being built in Bugden Street in White Box Rise, were broken into on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Police are investigating a possible link with other thefts from construction sites over the border in Thurgoona, which also took place between Wednesday afternoon and early Thursday morning.

Wodonga Detective Sen-Constable Ray Causer said the crime spree was well organised.

“They have taken off with some big items, some still in boxes, so whoever we are looking for had to have a truck or a van,” he said.

“They’ve also selected the items carefully and have targeted houses when they know the goods have been delivered.

“This property is still packaged, so we are asking people not to purchase stuff on the side as they will turn up somewhere.”

Thieves gained entry to the new homes by making holes in plastered walls.

Zac Walker, of Lacey Roof Plumbing, was working on a home in Bugden Street yesterday and was not impressed.

“It’s pretty low and immature,” he said.

“It puts everyone back — it puts the tradies back, it puts the builders back and it puts the customers back.”

Items stolen from Bugden Street include an oven, bathtub, toilet, two bathroom vanities, an instant hot water system and bags of cement mix.

Four different building companies were affected and were yesterday putting together a full list of items.

A claim from one of the building sites was valued at $3000.

Albury police are also looking for kitchen appliances and work tools stolen from two houses in Smiggins Drive, Thurgoona.

They are asking the public to pay particular attention if they see two items — a Blanco coffee machine and a Blanco microwave.

Wodonga detective Ray Causer walks near the houses hit by thieves. Picture: DYLAN ROBINSON

Wodonga detective Ray Causer walks near the houses hit by thieves. Picture: DYLAN ROBINSON

Sen-Constable Causer believes someone must have seen something as the thieves were taking their time to load the goods.

“We are appealing to the public to be aware of any vehicles seen driving around or parked near building sites during the night,” he said.

“Police will continue to conduct patrols, but we need the public’s assistance to apprehend these offenders.”

Anyone with information should phone Crime Stoppers.