Thanks but no thanks on offer to be mayor

Amanda Duncan-Strelec is making a mayoral bid.
Amanda Duncan-Strelec is making a mayoral bid.

REGARDING the mayoral offer, The Border Mail, September 12.

Thanks for offering the city of Albury the chance to have a well chaired meeting, Amanda, but you forgot some of the other crucial factors you were unable to stamp out during your mayoral stint — infighting, factions, public backbiting, highly negative media profile, secret meetings, numbers games, overall discord within the council and public.

Frankly, I am prepared to take the chance of a meeting that is not quite chaired up to your exacting standards as a trade off for the other sterling qualities we will not return to!

You have, again, had your stir of the pot.

Now back away and let the council get on with the work they are committed to.