Letters to the editor

RETHINK REQUIRED: Corowa's Stuart Davie says flooding in the town, including the John Foord Oval, has caused plenty of distress for residents.
RETHINK REQUIRED: Corowa's Stuart Davie says flooding in the town, including the John Foord Oval, has caused plenty of distress for residents.

Look for warning signs

Latest figures show that, for the first time, more than 3000 Australians died last year of suicide and the latest figures show suicide is at a 10-year high.

Sadly suicide rates have never been higher for men aged 15 to 44. 

Men are now taking their lives at three times the rate of women.

We are urging all readers to be aware that if you think somebody around you is having difficulties, please reach out to them and ask if you can lend a hand. Look for signs that somebody might be in trouble.  Listening always helps.

We are calling for more education on suicide because it is clear many men and women are struggling and aren’t always sure what to do next.

We are also calling on the community to help us wipe away the stigma around suicide. 

Unquestionably some people still feel a sense of ‘shame’ around this topic and this simply needs to change.

If you know somebody who has a mental health issue, urge them to speak up and ask for help.

Anyone wanting more information can ring the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia on 1800 985 944 or go to minetworks.org au. 

Let’s remember, any suicide has a huge ripple effect on so many people.

It’s exactly why we need to do more in all local communities to try to prevent tragedies occurring.

David Meldrum, Executive Director, Mental Illness Fellowship Australia

Descendants sought

We are seeking descendants of the four McKernan brothers – Alexander, Daniel, James and John – and their sister Sarah Ann, all from Northern Ireland. 

The four brothers all settled in the Balmattum and Euroa area.  An invitation is extended  to all descendants for a reunion to be held at the Balmattum School on Saturday November 19.

Please contact Sue on 0419 790 253.

Sue Fenn, Wahgunyah

Flooding highlights flaws

The high river is causing distress in Corowa for some and it is a failing in planning and design of what is the potential high river zones.

There is no doubt it will happen again and perhaps sooner than in other years. 

Now is the time to rethink the location of council offices that are currently not possible to access.

The cost of new council offices should be paid by water authority and state and federal government money.

 A town should not have its local government and other offices flooded out and in a location in which it can happen again and again.

The caravan park should also be funded to be relocated and, where it is not flood affected by water releases, that must happen.

A complete rethink is required at the civic centre and in front of it as to what fits and suits. 

If Corowa had some vocal councillors at present, this situation could be turned into a positive and enhance the town’s image and set up.

The local government conference is in Wollongong next week and let’s hope issues like this are raised and councils that are overlooked by the Sydney-centric state government make some noise.

Stuart Davie, Corowa

Big tick for Nick’s team

Too often these days the news is full of all the bad things that happen, but I just wanted to pay recognition to some exceptional service I received from a dentist. The background is that I am the biggest sook. And I’ve gotten worse as I've gotten older.

But Nick Magelakis and his staff in Albury were fantastic. Credit due where credit is deserved.

Belinda  Webster, Wodonga