Tom O'Toole is as famous as his Beechworth Bakery


1984. The first Apple Macintosh went on sale. The world had its first female Boeing 747 captain. And the average house price in Australia was less than $64,000. It was also the year Tom O’Toole opened his Beechworth Bakery. It wasn’t the first time that Tom opened a bakery in Beechworth. Nor was it the first time he opened a bakery in that building.

As Tom said: “It was only when I bought the building for the second time that I started the Beechworth Bakery. That was 32 years ago!”

Since then, his Beestings, Ned Kelly pies and hundreds of other delicious products, all made fresh daily in their own bakehouses, have ensured Beechworth Bakery is today Australia’s most popular regional bakery.

“Ever since we opened our Albury bakery at Myer Centrepoint in 2004, we’ve been working hard at providing the same welcoming and comfortable environment that’s making my original bakery in Beechworth such a natural gathering place for the community,” Tom said. 

“And many of our Albury customers tell us we’re their everyday oasis, so we seem to have succeeded in doing just that.”

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And then, of course, there’s the delectable Beechworth Bakery Christmas range.

Think juicy fruit-rich plum puddings and moist Christmas cakes with genuine rum. Christmas Hampers are packed with delicious products. 

Beechworth Bakery is open for breakfast, lunch, snacks and early dinners, 364 days a year (closed Christmas Day).

Beechworth Bakery owners Marty Matassoni and Tom O’Toole at the Beechworth store.

Beechworth Bakery owners Marty Matassoni and Tom O’Toole at the Beechworth store.