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Wrong: A reader says Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is hypocritical when it comes to the issue of free speech.
Wrong: A reader says Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is hypocritical when it comes to the issue of free speech.

Dutton’s criticism misguided

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who many in the Liberal Party want to be prime minister, doesn’t believe in free speech. If you don’t agree with him that is. 

Twenty of Australia's most powerful chief executives sent a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling on him to legislate for marriage equality in the near future. This annoyed Peter Dutton because a free conscience vote on marriage equality is against Liberal Party policy. 

He says the CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies shouldn’t comment on social debates – you can only have your say if you run for politics he says, they have no right to comment. 

Well I think he is hypocritical and wrong. He has no complaints when big business backs Liberal policy like company tax cuts. He also wants to amend section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act so that people can insult and offend people on the basis of their race or ethnicity. I believe it is the right – almost an obligation –  for intelligent, educated, experienced, articulate business people to publicly express an opinion, particularly on matters that will impact on their business. 

“By supporting marriage equality, businesses send a powerful message to their customers that they think fairness, equality and dignity should be available to all Australians. In the globally competitive marketplace, customers are becoming more discerning and are selecting products and services from companies that better represent their values,” the letter reads. "This is a battle for common sense and for freedom of speech, make no mistake about it.”

And if Peter Dutton can’t get his head around that, then lets hope he never makes it to the Lodge. 

Len Shefford, Thurgoona 

Action needed on gas

The premier of South Australia is spot on he needs to take control of his energy for his state minister. Josh Frydenberg was trying to protect the prime minister from his poor government’s policy of privation of Australian energy, which is starting to unravel we have seen the LNG industry is selling the gas to Asia cheaper than what is available to Australians.

It is just over a week that we saw the government handing a lump of coal in Parliament. The gas is our resource not some foreign company that will screw us.

We will not get any money out of our gas for years.

Yvonne Cugley, Jindera

Time to give up

When the world was young there were no countries.

Every continent just consisted of a mass of different tribes living out there lives. Then the invasions started like Captain Cook coming across Australia, settled, and look what we have done to this country in 228 years.

Then the invasion of other continents occurred over the years by the Americans, British, French, Dutch and other established countries, which I might add still have conflicts.

They all went looking for land, resources, foods, etc. Eventually the continents that never had countries were carved out into countries whose boundaries didn't have any rhyme or reason or take into consideration the tribes involved.

Then the trouble started. Most of the groups that carved out these countries up and left these countries to deal with themselves. 

I just finished a book titled: The World In Conflict – Understanding the world's troublespots, by John Andrews. The book nearly covered every country and there wasn't one country that wasn't in utter conflict. 

​ After reading this book I can only conclude that the entire world is in a state of turmoil and things won't get any better.

How much longer do we have?

Sumner Berg, Beechworth