Murray Conservatorium upgrades piano fleet

ALBURY’S Murray Conservatorium has upgraded its piano fleet.

The music school has three new grand pianos and four upright pianos ready for term two.

Murray Conservatorium chief executive Stephen O’Connell said the new grand pianos would allow students to play professional level instruments.

He said they now had two Kawai GX-6 pianos and a GX-7.

“This is a significant investment to ensure that piano students and performers on the Border have access to a wide range of high quality instruments,” he said. 

Mr O’Connell said four upright pianos would be replaced with Kawai CA 97 digital pianos, providing a new generation of digitised sounds combined with advanced touch-sensitive wooden keys.

“They are an extremely sophisticated electronic piano; you’d think it was a grand piano if you weren’t in the room,” he said.

Murray Conservatorium has seven piano teachers who tutor about 100 students.