Trying out role of a firefighter at Albury Civic fire station for Fire and Rescue NSW open day

The only thing cooler than a firefighter is a firefighter with a hose.

Children were grinning ear-to-ear on Saturday as they got the opportunity to run around Albury Civic fire station and try out equipment during the Fire and Rescue NSW open day.

They all received their own (plastic) red fire helmet as they walked through the door.

Firefighters were on hand to lift them up into the truck and help them connect and spray the fire hose.

Brigade captain John Vandenven said it was pleasing to see children having fun and believed it was important they meet the firefighters and understand their job, in case they ever came across them in an emergency.

He also had some serious, but simple messages for parents. “’Keep looking when cooking’ is the message for the day,” Mr Vandenven said.

Firefighters were also on hand to demonstrate this message, while cooking sausages on the barbecue.