Snobs Creek fish hatchery celebrates 70th anniversary on July 2, 2017

FISHERIES Victoria is inviting the public to celebrate 70 years of fish production at the Snobs Creek fish hatchery near Lake Eildon on July 2.

Fisheries Victoria executive director Travis Dowling said people could visit the historic hatchery to speak to staff about the statewide stocking program.

“A blend of old and new technology will be on display for people to see along with a historical archive showcasing how fish production has changed throughout the decades,” he said.

Mr Dowling said the Snobs Creek hatchery was Victoria’s key fish production facility.

“Over the past 70 years, the hatchery has produced fish to provide enhanced recreational fishing opportunities for anglers across the state,” he said.

“After 1950 when the production at the Snobs Creek Hatchery became significant, the total number of fish produced for management purposes was more than 20 million by the end of 1967.

“Although operations and species produced have changed, the hatchery continues to grow in production capacity to this day.

“Approximately 1.4 million fish are bred each year consisting of Brown trout, rainbow trout, Chinook salmon, Macquarie perch, trout cod, golden perch, catfish and the iconic Murray cod have all been bred at this facility.

“The fish are carefully transported in custom-made trucks that travel almost 150,000 kilometres a year to deliver fish.

“Most trout and salmon produced are grown are released as yearlings weighing between 30 and 100 grams (20-25 centimetres in length), for put-grow-and-take fisheries.

“However, a number of trout are purposely grown larger and stocked in small lakes and ponds close to urban and regional centres during holiday periods so more people can enjoy catching them.”

The program runs from 10am until 2pm.

There will be face painting, balloonists, a jumping castle and a range of other games and prizes.