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Medical care first rate

One Saturday in June I went visiting in Wodonga and tripped over, banging my forehead on a big concrete flower pot. My hostess was very upset but kept her cool as I sat screaming and bleeding on the concrete.

Neighbours came to help and my hostess, with an up-to- date first aid certificate, was able to give directions, with one lady holding a towel to my forehead and a gentleman holding my hand and telling me to squeeze his hand.

The person on the line at triple-0 asked enough questions to determine that an ambulance was necessary and one soon arrived with paramedics who were kind and competent.

One shone a light into my eye and said that I had nice blue eyes and I explained that I had had the blue eyes since I was born. A knock to the head can cause confusion but I knew what day it was and that Malcolm Turnbull was the Prime Minister.

CARING, COMPETENT: A reader who had a fall recently says the care she received from paramedics and at Wodonga hospital was first rate.

CARING, COMPETENT: A reader who had a fall recently says the care she received from paramedics and at Wodonga hospital was first rate.

I got a very gentle ride to Wodonga hospital with paramedics careful to assess my condition and what medications I may react to, adversely. At Wodonga accident and emergency I was rolled into cubicle three and a nurse was immediately looking at my vital signs etc.

A softly spoken doctor came along and listened to me as he tried to assess my medical history, which is quite complex when the battered patient is in their seventies, and sent me for an MRI scan and ordered blood tests. With the wonders of modern medical technology, good results were back in an hour or so allowing me and my painful head to be released.

While my face was bruised and battered, family and friends looked after me and if anyone wonders how our health system is working, my personal experience is testament to everyone doing a fantastic job.

To all those who helped me that day, please accept my great appreciation for the caring and competence by all concerned.

Ann Brennan, West Albury

You could be next

Gundagai Council in Exile Inc. was formed to fight the disgraceful forced amalgamation of both Cootamundra and Gundagai Shires in May 2016. There are many similar groups statewide also fighting to overturn the former Baird government’s move to strip communities of their dignity and democracy.

We have made it very clear to the Premier, Deputy Premier and the Minister for Local Government that our fight will continue for as long as it takes to return democracy to those NSW communities currently living under punitive administration. The proposed elections in September will not deter us from our resolve.

The Upper House of the NSW Parliament recently passed a Bill that, if enacted, will see forced amalgamations stop and allow those that were amalgamated a plebiscite for a return to the previous Council area.

The Bill was passed due to the united approach by The Greens, Shooters and Fishers and Labor in the Upper House. This Bill will be placed before the Lower House in August for debate.

Many country National Party members have used the excuse that they were not given the opportunity to vote for or against amalgamation as it was done by proclamation. They have indicated sympathy to their constituents but have done nothing despite evidence of the overwhelming desire for demerger (certainly in our community).

We now all have the opportunity to ask our local members what their vote will be. Will they cross the floor and vote for the Bill and thus prove that they are indeed there to represent the area from which they were elected or will they toe the party line against the wishes of the voters. 

Be assured that if this Bill does not pass, the next round of amalgamations will happen soon and it could be your community. They will of course tell you that they will not force amalgamations – the same line that had been given to us prior to the last election.

Glen Moore, secretary Gundagai Council in Exile