Border Mail letters: Border Mail readers have their say on the issues of the day

Conservative in policies

Malcolm Turnbull claims the Liberal party is not a conservative party.

He has cut pensioners’ payments so he can give millionaires a large tax reduction and cut the working man’s take-home pay – and he claims to be centre right.

OFF MARK: Malcolm Turnbull's claims that the Liberals are not a conservative party are at odds with his actions in government, a reader says.

OFF MARK: Malcolm Turnbull's claims that the Liberals are not a conservative party are at odds with his actions in government, a reader says.

Tony Abbott says the Liberals are too far left.

Labor policy is not left or right – it is based on what works. It is called common sense.

That is not what we are getting from this conservative federal government. Yes they can call themselves anything they like but they have conservative policies.

Ken Morehouse, Wangaratta

Definition ebbs and flows

The recent publicity regarding the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and their demands to increase the amount of water for environmental flows caused me to research just who belongs to this group.

Of the 13 that showed up on Google, four have AM after their name; this is mainly gained by a glowing character report submitted by your mates as a pat on the back. Another three have some sort of qualification that they might have studied, regardless whether it makes them an expert in the field.

It would also be likely that none of them rely on what really happens in the Murray Darling Basin to make a living and provide for their families.

Last Spring we saw extensive flooding in the Murray while trying to create more airspace in the Hume Dam; apparently this didn’t count as an environmental flow, that is still stored.

Several years ago after hearing an address from an individual connected to a Water Authority, I asked him this question; “what is regarded as an environmental flow? Is it flushing the salt down the river? Is it flooding the Barmah Forest? Is it trying to keep the mouth of the Murray open?”

The reply; “It depends who you are talking to.”

The media seem eager to judge an organisation by an individual; to use the same yard stick, one of the panel members has had a number of his prophecies proved wrong, no doubt this also reflects the whole panel.

Opinion: everyone has one but that doesn’t mean you know anything.

Keiran Klemm, Londrigan

Inspired writing

I congratulate Tony Wright on his inspiring piece of journalism, published in The Border Mail (‘The spy amongst us’). It has made me want to purchase the book by David Duffy. 

Tony Wright’s article is such a well written piece, giving testimony to the real need of intelligent journalism in regional areas. Our newspapers have suffered competition from Facebook and Google, but don’t expect any handouts from them to restore the problem.

We need balanced, well researched and thoughtful debate in the media; not 140 characters “grabs” on social media. Discussion of local issues of importance to rural and regional people will bring back your audience; the local community need to be involved with the direction of The Border Mail to return to a community newspaper. This community has shown it cares about local issues, but the media seems to be more about city based news, terrorism and disasters; we do need more “human interest” stories like Tony Wright has written.

Dr Pieter Mourik, Baranduda

Loos blues misplaced

In reference to the rebuilding the toilet block near the new Woolworths in central Wodonga (‘Lack of loos on the nose’, The Border Mail, July 11), tenders are being examined and the block will be operational by Christmas. Information like this can be found on the Ratepayers Association Wodonga webpage at, and by attending our meetings. The next meeting is at the RSL on August 8, commencing at 7pm. Come along with questions and have a say in your community.

Ian Deegan, Ratepayers’ Association Wodonga