Avoid humiliating last minute costume, find some inspiration here

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Sequins, wizard robes and cries of Let It Go will echo across the Border this week.

But as we officially arrive in Children’s Book Week, August 19 – 26, many Border parents are scrambling to put together their child’s dream costume. 

For some parents this means digging out the Janome, or a frantic trip to the shops.

For my dear mother – who in her defence had six children – it meant tying a brown towel around my neck and telling me I was a princess. 

It didn’t work.

Everyone thought I was a bear, and I was told to walk on my hands and knees at our book parade. 

On another occasion she covered my brother in garbage bags for his starring role as a rock in the annual school play. 

As adults, we are both relatively well-adjusted, with only some costume-related nightmares.

To help prevent younger generations from enduring the same humiliation, we’ve prepared 131 photos to inspire last minute costumes.