Cr Murray King says Wodonga has beaten Albury to the punch on building Murray River caravan park

ALBURY Council has been left red-faced by a proposal to convert the Weatherall Masonry site on the Lincoln Causeway into a tourist caravan park, according to Cr Murray King.

Cr Murray King is upset Albury Council hasn't advanced plans for a Murray River caravan park.

Cr Murray King is upset Albury Council hasn't advanced plans for a Murray River caravan park.

The first-term councillor, who has advocated for a similar venture in Albury since being elected last year, has taken aim at council staff for not acting quickly enough on the opportunity.

“It does everything the Murray River Experience and all the feedback says, but we’ve done nothing,” he said.

“All of a sudden a local businessman (Tom Weatherall), who is no fool, has obviously seen the opportunity and run with it.

“If I was on Wodonga Council I would be rolling out the red carpet and doing everything to help him.

“Our staff solution was to put it in the shadows of a waste treatment facility in Kremur Street.

“In the 12 months this council has been in place we’ve done nothing.

“It’s been a talk-fest.”

Mayor Kevin Mack defended council staff and urged Cr King to “cool his jets” and the Wodonga proposal was far from a done deal.

“Being a new councillor Cr King needs to understand we need a strategy before we can provide a structure,” he said.

“It is the second or third time Mr Weatherall has put this up for discussion and each time it has been knocked on the head because of environmental concerns.”

Earlier this year, Albury Council agreed to to prepare a business case for a recreational vehicle park near the Kremur Street boat ramp.

“Anything that goes near the river needs to have a lot of checks and balances,” Cr Mack said.

“These are the things my former running mate doesn’t understand.”

Meanwhile, the North-East Catchment Management Authority confirmed it was aware of Mr Weatherall’s caravan park proposal and had provided information on requirements related to floodplain development.

“Any proposal will require planning approval from Wodonga Council, and will need to provide appropriate details to demonstrate compliance with the Wodonga planning scheme zones and overlays applicable to the site,” NECMA executive manager Helen Wilson said.