Macauley Jones delivers Brad Jones Racing its first win at Bathurst

Border drivers featured strongly in the Dunlop Super 2 race at Bathurst on the weekend, with Macauley Jones breaking through for his first win in the series.

The son of Brad Jones also notched up Brad Jones Racing’s first win at the legendary Mount Panorama circuit.

He was joined on the podium by his cousin, Andrew, who finished third.

“I’m really proud of the whole team. We’ve worked really hard for this, a lot of development to improvement and this makes all that worthwhile,” Macauley said.

“It was really cool to be on the podium with Andy as well.”

Brad showed his emotion after the race.

“I’m am so proud of him. He drove a fast, but mature race, but to get his first win is really good and do it at Bathurst is amazing,” he said.

“After the lead-up we’ve had, this has really lifted the team’s spirits, it’s just fantastic.

“To have Andrew up there in our other car too was very special.

“It’s so hard to do well up here and when you do it’s very satisfying.”

Jones pulled a gap on the field with nine of the 41 laps to go and was able to maintain it to the end.

“I just kept pushing, the car was really good so I could keep the pace up without many risks,” Macauley said.

“It was a long, hard race, 250 kilometres is a long way around here, but I couldn’t be happier.”

Jordan Boys also made his debut at Bathurst in the race and finished a credible 10th.

Boys created a lot of interest in pit lane over the weekend, impressing with fast times and good racing.