Police hear screams from two streets away as woman choked by partner

Jesse O'Reilly

Jesse O'Reilly

A MAN who choked his partner hard enough for police to hear her screams from two streets away has been sent to jail.

A magistrate said Jesse O’Reilly’s assault would have left the woman petrified.

O’Reilly, 27, fronted Wodonga Magistrates Court on Tuesday following the incident on July 13.

He had been arguing with his partner at their Schlink Street home before becoming enraged and threatening to kill her.

O’Reilly pushed the woman – who he had dated for three years – down to the ground.

He grabbed her neck and squeezed and she screamed at him to stop.

Police were two streets away for unrelated matters.

The shouts for help were so loud, the officers were able to pinpoint the location of the woman.

O’Reilly had prevented her from leaving the home and was arrested at the scene.

He was interviewed and denied making death threats, but admitted he wished the woman was dead.

The Wodonga man, who is now single, has a prior for recklessly causing serious injury, but for a different victim. 

Magistrate Ian Watkins said the incident would have been incredibly frightening for the woman. 

“This is really serious offending,” he said. 

“That lady was entitled to feel safe in her home and he’s tried to choke her, made threats to kill her.” 

The incident was so serious that there was no alternative but to jail the 27-year-old, the magistrate said. 

A fine was also out of the question. 

Solicitor Mario Vaccaro urged the court not to impose a stint behind bars, but Mr Watkins said the community wanted the courts to take a strong stand on violence against women. 

“Women are entitled to feel safe in their own home,” he said. 

“This community is very concerned about family violence.” 

Mr Vaccaro said the pair now had a good relationship, but the magistrate said that did not detract from the seriousness of the offence. 

O’Reilly did not react as he was jailed for two months.