Women punched, kicked and choked by man during boozing session

A DRUNKEN fight at a small gathering has left two women with injuries and a man in jail.

Luke Edward Mulcahy’s behaviour was labelled “extreme” and “frankly appalling” by magistrate Ian Watkins in Wodonga Magistrates Court this week.

The 27-year-old had been drinking with a group in a shed at Sandy Creek on April 8.

After about two hours of boozing, Mulcahy began to repeatedly slap a woman on the buttocks, despite her telling him to stop.

An argument broke out between Mulcahy and a different woman about 2.30am.

He grabbed her by the throat and punched her in the face while screaming “I’ll kill you ---s”.

Another woman tried to help the victim by punching Mulcahy, but he grabbed her by the shirt and threw her to the floor.

He then grabbed a bar stool and looked like he was going to hit the woman with it.

The choking victim cracked Mulcahy over the back of the head with a beer bottle, but it didn’t break.

He again tried to use the bar stool but was knocked over as the two women fled to a white Nissan X-Trail.

Mulcahy ran to the vehicle and started kicking the side of it with his boots, before grabbing one of the women, forcing her to the ground and kicking her, and ripping her clothes off  “like a ragdoll”.

Mulcahy later told police he had only reacted after the woman shaved his beard off while he was asleep.

Mr Watkins said even if that was true, reacting that way was appalling.

“The violence he’s exhibited on these women is extreme. He can’t minimise his behaviour by saying he was drunk. How you can treat a woman like that just beggars belief,” he said. 

He jailed Mulcahy for four months.