Border Mail readers have their say on the issues of the day

With regards to Bill Tilley’s speech about the Beechworth gold mining sites (Parliament of Victoria Hansard, November 2), I can’t help but wonder about his complaints and ask what has Mr Tilley been doing with regards to advocating, and talking to, the government of the day about this issue? 

In the last line of Mr Tilley’s speech he says: “I am committed, and I will do all in my power to make that happen.”

STRATEGY: Bill Tilley's statement about advocating on gold mining sites has been treated with cynicism by a reader, who says all politicians play "political football."

STRATEGY: Bill Tilley's statement about advocating on gold mining sites has been treated with cynicism by a reader, who says all politicians play "political football."

This might be all well and good if he was an excellent advocate but given Mr Tilley has been an MP for 12 years as of the next election, and only now seems to have learnt how to play the political game, I can’t help but wonder what has he been doing about it for the last 12 years, and whether this will just be another political football. 

With that said, Mr Tilley’s speech is much like his statement about the V/Line rolling stock: talking at the government about what they should do and not actually advocating and talking to the relevant ministers.

Like a normal politician used to being in opposition really: Claim you’re advocating by talking at the government, all the while sitting on your hands and smiling like Cheshire cat.

Geoffrey Butt, Wodonga

Let’s get it sorted

I welcome the agreement of the government and the Australian Labor Party on a way forward to resolve the citizenship issue. I introduced a similar motion to the Parliament in August.

In coming weeks all parliamentarians will be required to disclose their citizenship status, their parents’ and grandparents’; and evidence of how any dual citizenship was renounced.

Readers may be interested to note one of my grandparents was born in Rutherglen, one in Wodonga, one in Melbourne and one in Tasmania. I was born in Albury. My parents, grandparents and I hold no dual citizenship.

My commitment has always been to work with the government of the day, with respect, and putting Indi first.

When Parliament resumes on November 27, I intend to continue this approach which has served Indi well since my election: funding for 38 mobile phone towers, progress on a sustainable solution for the North East rail line including $100 million to fix the track, and great success in attracting infrastructure funding.

I welcome the many letters, phone calls and emails my office has received on the citizenship issue. Constituents have been keen to see the uncertainty settled and I would encourage people to stay in touch.

Cathy McGowan, Independent member for Indi

An outstanding success

On behalf of the Albury-Wodonga Prostate Cancer Support Group, I wish to offer our gratitude for the generous support provided by The Border Mail in helping us plan and promote the 2017 Blue Tie Ball in September.

The ball was an outstanding success, due in no small part to the publicity provided by your newspaper, and in particular the fantastic journalistic efforts of Janet Howie who deserves our heartfelt gratitude.

Our challenge of raising awareness of Prostate Cancer, and supporting men and their partners and families after a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer has been made easier thanks to your kindness.

Glenn Rose, Albury-Wodonga Prostate Cancer Support Group