Politicians confident levee will hold brunt of water

CONFIDENT: Wangaratta mayor Ken Clarke.
CONFIDENT: Wangaratta mayor Ken Clarke.

Despite a significant downpour, water only breached one levee in Wangaratta, with leaders declaring it a pleasing outcome. 

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews said across the state infrastructure implemented after last year’s floods had proven itself. 

Mr Andrews inspected the levee during a visit to Wangaratta on Sunday. 

“Pleasingly I know from a Rural City of Wangaratta point of view the levee, where it did breach in one place held up quite well,” he said. 

Mayor Ken Clarke said he drove around town yesterday surveying the flood defences and was confident they would hold.

He said today was likely to see the rural city’s greatest problems emerge as water peaked. 

“It takes a while to come down from the mountains,” he said. "The caravan park is always the first to go.”

From Friday to Sunday morning more than 145mm fell into the catchments for the Ovens and King rivers in Wangaratta.