Letters to editor

UNITED: Many organisations and individuals across the Border region, a reader says, campaigned for marriage equality
UNITED: Many organisations and individuals across the Border region, a reader says, campaigned for marriage equality

Member for Farrer Sussan Ley best summed up the mood of the nation describing legislation for marriage equality as “healing the anguish”, attributing her own change of heart to entering into to the real life stories of LGTBIQ people.

Today at at 6pm in QEII Square, Albury Council, public health and community organisations will commemorate the end of this historic week.

This will focus on HIV and  AIDS, combating stigma historically as well as the ongoing battle against discrimination that marriage equality represents.

Panels of the AIDS quilt will be on display at St Matthews, the Albury LibraryMuseum, QEII Square and MAMA. These were made by families of those affected by the AIDS epidemic and the discrimination it generated.

It is about the real lives that Sussan Ley credits with making a difference. Special thanks will go to Albury city and the mayor and deputy mayor, advocates like Toni Johnson and Gateway Health, supportive businesses and individuals such as Willowbank and the farmers’ market.

Just as the star is rising over Christmas where “good news for all” is heralded by marriage equality, it is setting for the religious institutions that have put ancient prejudice against the welfare of the vulnerable

The real Christmas message is heard loud and clear from those who have been in the firing line and the echo in the lives of all others who have been the victims of faith-based discrimination.

Local media will be thanked for their part in challenging discrimination and facilitating a community conversation.  More than anything else we will be remembering the real lives of real people.

ABC media identity Noel Debien will fly into Albury, along with representatives of the Victorian AIDs Council and ACON from NSW.

All members of our community are invited and welcome as we remember the global and local challenge of discrimination as experienced through the suffering and inspiring stories of the AIDS epidemic, and the historic victory of marriage equality where our leaders are running to catch up with the community. 

Peter MacLeod-Miller, Archdeacon of Albury and the Hume St Matthew's Anglican Church, Albury

Web-order madness

I am horrified by the amount of free advertising an Amercian company which takes its name from a major river in South America is presently receiving.

Companies which have their head office outside Australia have three major effects on the future of this country.

Employment of university-trained people to fill senior roles is not required. Profits are taxed in a country outside Australia. Reduced taxation which means our lazy pollies will increase taxes. This will lead to our smart engineers and scientists looking overseas for future employment. 

John Walker, North Wangaratta

Weather off the mark

Where does Prime 7 get their weather details from?Would it be possible to place a black dot where the town or city is located.

This would then give a clearer picture of where the rain could possibly fall. A state boundary would also be beneficial.

The use of oil paints instead of the wishy-washy water colour may help confine actual areas of rainfall – or is this just a guess?

Vic Jakowenko, Howlong