Werribee's Nathan Laracy in line to return to Ovens and Murray

Nathan Laracy is expected to play several games with Myrtleford next season.
Nathan Laracy is expected to play several games with Myrtleford next season.

Myrtleford could be set for an early season boost with Werribee’s Nathan Laracy likely to play for the Ovens and Murray club.

With AFL Victoria disbanding the development league, Laracy is predicted to spend time with the Alpine Saints as he recovers from a knee injury.

Laracy managed only four development league matches this year due to injury.

Former O and M players Jake Sharp and Matt Munro have also nominated Myrtleford as their second club.

Co-coach Terry Burgess said there was a strong chance Laracy would find his way to the McNamara Reserve.

“He’s coming off an injury and, with no development league down there, he will need to play somewhere to prep himself to get back into the VFL," Burgess said.

“He’s obviously a really good player.

He's obviously a really good player. We're hoping to see him particularly early in the season.

Terry Burgess

“It’s fantastic for us if it worked out that way.

“We’re hoping to see him, particularly early in the season.”

Werribee, who will be a standalone club next year after severing ties with North Melbourne, has a host of former Ovens and Murray players on its list including Nick Coughlan (Albury), Dom Brew (North Albury), Sharp (Myrtleford), Munro (Albury) and Laracy (Wodonga).

Although the Alpine Saints have been quiet on the recruiting front, they lost only three players in Brad Murray, Fraser Lucas and Josh Chapman and are confident of natural improvement from their younger players.

Christian Burgess will also be a regular after managing only nine games this season.