Interleague at the MCG, O-Week, and a new look for Kiewa Milk - look back to February, 2000

There was a lot on the line for February when the Ovens and Murray took on the Eastern League in an interleague clash at the MCG, played as a curtain raiser to the 2000 Ansett Cup grand final, which was won by Essendon. 

Sport was as big as it ever was back then, with tennis and cricket dominating the schedule – and half-man, half-amazing Vince Carter taking the world by storm at the NBA Dunk Contest.

Back home, Kiewa Milk announced a rebrand, giving us the iconic packaging that stayed largely the same right up until late last year.

And students at La-Trobe University were busy enjoying O-Week – and all the shenanigans that go with it.

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