Romance blooms after weeks of behind-the-scene work

While some Border residents will wake on Valentine’s Day to breakfast in bed, Carla Walsh will be up and out the door by 4.30am, ahead of a day of all work and ‘no romance’.

For florists across the Border, the ‘day of romance’ marks the final tough sprint after months of preparation.

“Usually a month before you have to pre-order all flowers,” Ms Walsh said.

“You need to work out how busy you might be, how many flowers you need, what is going to be popular.

“Then you start to think about the little things, vases, paper, making sure you’re on you of every order.”


On Tuesday, before Valentine’s Day arrives, Ms Walsh, who owns Thistle & Fern, and her staff will have already prepared and taken hundreds of orders.

Miss Walsh said the day itself involves a pre-dawn rise and very little time to rest or think of her own romantic life.

She believes garden style roses and seasonal natives will be particularly popular blooms this year.

“It’s always a long day,” she said. “It’s certainly a big volume day.”