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SALE: Graham Hiskins and Tony Smeaton at NVLX Wodonga.

SALE: Graham Hiskins and Tony Smeaton at NVLX Wodonga.

Sheep and Lambs


GOOD RESULTS: John Curtis with Adam Roberts of Rodwells Corowa discussing the market in Corowa.

GOOD RESULTS: John Curtis with Adam Roberts of Rodwells Corowa discussing the market in Corowa.

Monday, February 26

Yarding: 14,288. Change: up 5724. Lambs: 10,787. Change: up 5118. Sheep: 3501. Change: up 606.

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality improved. There was a good run of medium and heavy trade lambs and an excellent run of grain assisted heavy and extra heavy lambs. Light 2 score lambs to restock and for processors were limited. Lambs sold to a mostly firm market. Two score restocking lambs sold from $87 to $115 and processing lambs reached $116/head. Medium and heavy trade lambs averaged firm to $4 cheaper selling from $118 to $155/head to average 630c/kg cwt. Heavy 4 score lambs were firm to make between $156 and $180/head. Extra heavy lambs reached $220/head to average 620c/kg cwt. The best of the hoggets reached $154/head. Mutton numbers increased and there were more heavy sheep penned. Medium weights were firm to $3 dearer while heavy weights were back $6 to $7/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $84 to $112/head. Heavy crossbreds reached $151 and heavy Merino wethers topped at $167/head.

Top Quotes


103 Marshall Nom, Berrigan 214.00

75 R & B Wilson, Corowa 208.00

60 L Hicks, Corowa 202.00

214 Mickan Bros, Walla Walla 196.20

209 Sowden Inv, Jindera 195.00

116 Kentucky, Corowa 191.00

63 RJ & IE Coelli, Jindera 190.00

18   R Talbot, Balldale 83.00

36   W & W Godde, Culcairn 181.00

88   WJ Dixon, Indigo Valley 180.00

81   Brimin Ag, Boorahman 180.00

36   NN Nixon, Rand 180.00

64   KE, GA & WG Hall, Burrumbuttock 176.00

11   Shady Park, Finley 175.00, 159 CW Scott & Co, Omeo 174.00


131 MD Dye, Corowa 167.60

64   G & D Sampson, Tungamah 160.00

97   B & B McLellan, Rand   145.60

127 RG McCall, Daysdale 144.00


47 Schoen Past Co, Corowa 140.00

41 N Dooley, Barnawartha 140.00

20 WJ Dixon, Indigo Valley 135.00

20 G & K Nish, Bundalong 134.00

22  HR & GD Lieschke, Walla Walla 128.00

143 C Thomas, Finley 123.60


108 HP Pendergast, Benambra 167.60

29  B & B McLellan, Rand 150.00

22  Marshall Nom, Berrigan 150.00

29  Inglemar, Walbundrie 145.00

50 Wallara Past, Walla Walla 120.00

Wagga Wagga

Thursday, March 1

Supply lifted significantly as the dry season begins to have an impact for some producers. Lighter weight lambs sold to weaker price trends as producers offload plain types. Shorn trade and longer wool lambs sold to weak demand, with major domestic processors standing aside for most of the sale. All export buyers were present and operating in a solid market for heavy lambs. New season trade lambs were not well supplied. Medium and heavy trade lambs sold $10 to $15 cheaper making from $128 to $156/head to average 611c/kg cwt. Well shaped shorn trade lambs were keenly sought by feedlot operators who kept a floor in prices. The trade market sold to fluctuating price trends but generally averaged $10/head cheaper. Shorn medium and heavy trade lambs sold from $125 to $163/head to average 596c/kg cwt. There was strong demand from restockers and feedlot buyers who bought into heavier lambs because of the cheaper trend across trade categories. The bulk of the lambs to restock and feed-on made from $88 to $154/head. Heavy and extra heavy lambs made up the bulk of the offering and prices were strong. Heavy shorn lambs sold from $155 to $175/head. Extra heavy shorn lambs were unchanged to $2 dearer making from $169 to $240/head.