Border Mail letters to the editor

Thank you for the article ‘A disease no one has heard of’, published in The Border Mail on March 3.

I was diagnosed with Heredity Angioedema or HAE after about five years of not knowing why I was suffering severe pain and swelling of the abdomen and also swelling of the face and larynx making it difficult to breath, let alone  talk.

My diagnosis is Acquired Angioedema, and has the same symptoms as HAE.

Before being diagnosed I was going to the hospital every two to three months, where I would spend from two to four days there.

SHARED PAIN: A reader has thanked Maureen Hutchinson for sharing her story of living with HAE with Border Mail readers on Saturday.

SHARED PAIN: A reader has thanked Maureen Hutchinson for sharing her story of living with HAE with Border Mail readers on Saturday.

Most times the pain in the abdomen was so severe I could not walk and had to be carried to the ambulance.

The face swells are the most scary ones as you think you will die because you can't breath.

I too, had many unnecessary procedures before I was finally diagnosed.

I would like to thank the people that man the 000 phone lines and the ambulance crews that come out to take me to the Albury hospital, and the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They are all wonderful and caring people, especially when I was so scared as I did not know what was wrong with me.

Lorraine Morgan, Jindera

Pollies behaving badly

Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash and Labor Senator Kim Carr last week displayed why the Australian people have had a gutful of politics currently being served up to them. Instead of point-scoring, they should actually do something constructive to prove they are worthy of representing the voters who elected them to parliament, though I don't hold out much hope.

I thought politicians elected to Parliament (both state and federal) are supposed to serve the people of Australia and advance the country.

What has been achieved of any real nation-building for the betterment of this country in the past 15 years from either party, other than the federal government's announcement it has taken full ownership of the Snowy Hydro Scheme? They cannot even agree on a decent train service on the North East line between Melbourne and Wodonga.

The display put on by both these “so-called” senators leaves a lot to be desired.

The current state of politics especially coming out of Canberra really must have voters thinking about their  support for these two parties. I for one am thoroughly turned off the two major parties, doesn't matter which party is in government because it’s the same old story.

The only other “good news” is the ousting/retiring of several politicians. The list is full of undesirables, namely Obeid, Dastyari, Fenney, Macdonald, Bishop, and the list goes on.

Full marks to the Prime Minister for the initiative in the announcement the federal government has purchased Victoria and NSW's share of the Snowy Hydro Scheme.

Snowy Hydro apparenty own Red Energy/Lumo. With this purchase, the government could hold a substantial stick on reducing exorbitant electricity prices enjoyed by these other greedy dinosaurs. Their tenure on fleecing Australian electricity consumers is becoming limited.

Maybe the government's thinking on renewable energy could be changing.  I assume the Prime Minister could be thinking what further he could do for the renewable energy industry or just leave it to the leaders of this industry to "power" ahead.

David Beard, Rutherglen