Prison term slashed for home break-in, knife threats against mum

AN ICE user who threatened to cut her mother’s throat while armed with a knife has had her sentence reduced.

Rebecca Catherine Collier, 43, was jailed for at least three-and-a-half years after attending her parents’ Appin Street home at Wangaratta on August 22, 2016.

She was armed with a large knife and picked up a brick before throwing it through the lounge room window and kicking in a second glass panel.

Collier crawled through the broken window and threatened her mum, shouting out “I’m going to cut your throat”.

Her father and her son had to pin her to the ground, with her son punching her in the hand to make her drop the blade.

Police attended soon after.

She had earlier attended a friend's house in Manly Crescent and threw two paving blocks through windows. 

Collier was sentenced in March last year and ordered to serve a maximum five years and nine months behind bars.

She recently appealed the jail term, arguing the judge failed to give enough weight to her mental condition at the time of the offence, her efforts to rehabilitate, and the fact she hadn’t been jailed before.

She argued the sentence was excessive. 

Judges Phillip Priest and Kim Hargrave wiped 16 months off the minimum sentence on Monday, and reduced the maximum jail term by two years and one month.

The court heard Collier had PTSD and injected ice from 2011 to December 2015, and had relapsed before the offence.

Psychologist Carla Lechner said Collier had a drug induced disorder as a result of stimulant and marijuana use.

She has priors for violence against family members, who took out intervention orders.

Sentencing judge Marilyn Harbison said it was “an extremely frightening incident where it seems quite clear that each one of the people in the house that day thought that your client was going to kill her mother”.

The appeal judges said while drug addiction was a major cause of her offending, underlying depression and PTSD had a “real connection with the offending” before reducing the sentence.