Four-day ice bender fuels ‘stupid behaviour’ on Wodonga roads

Dannielle Nash

Dannielle Nash

A young woman who repeatedly sped away from and towards police cars, while on a four-day methamphetamine bender, is set to be released from custody today.

Dannielle Nash, 25, reached speeds of up to 120km/h in a 60 zone as she drove dangerously around Wodonga and Albury’s residential streets in a BMW on February 12.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Wayne Taylor told Wodonga Magistrates Court on Thursday that police first tried to intercept Nash about 1.40pm, when she sped off and started driving erratically.

“There were other vehicles on the road, her driving was viewed as placing them in danger,” he said.

Police lost contact with Nash for a while that afternoon, but she was back on the road again about midnight.

At one stage she pulled over on Melrose Drive so police parked in front of her to block her path, but she reversed up onto the median strip to get away.

“The front wheels have become airborne before the vehicle travelled at a fast rate of speed,” Leading Senior Constable Taylor said.

He said Nash turned around and drove the car towards police numerous times, and they had to swerve to avoid a collision on one occasion.

She was identified as the driver and arrested later in the day on February 13, and has remained in custody since.

The BMW, which had belonged to a friend and was for sale at a dealership, was later recovered by the police.

“Someone rang and said ‘there’s a BMW in my backyard, can you come and get it?’,” Leading Senior Constable Taylor said.

Solicitor Jonathan Rattray said Nash was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, and had a drug addiction.

She pleaded guilty to 12 charges including driving in a dangerous manner and reckless conducting endangering serious injury.

Magistrate Stella Stuthridge said she wanted Nash to be assessed for a community corrections order and planned to release her from custody when the case returned to court on Friday.

“It bothers me deeply that at some stage during those 12 hours, she didn’t pull over – it is some of the most stupid behaviour I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“But if you’re on a $5000, four-day methamphetamine bender, I guess it makes sense.”