Jailed over pursuit

A young crook in a stolen high-performance sports car hit speeds above 250km/h before a blown engine stopped him dead, a court has heard.

Stanley Ceissman’s average speed during one half-hour stretch heading north of Woomargama was 206km/h.

“Police pursuits of this kind are extremely dangerous,” magistrate Rodney Brender told Ceissman this week in Albury Local Court.

Mr Brender told the 23-year-old that innocent people could have very easily been killed because of his terrible driving back on August 6, 2017.

“You have got a lengthy criminal history of larceny and other matters of dishonesty.”

Ceissman was jailed for two years with a minimum of 18 months after pleading guilty to receiving property stolen outside NSW, police pursuit, unlicensed driving, reckless driving and driving in a right lane where the speed limit is above 80km/h.

He was also ordered to pay $41,696.86 compensation over the destroyed car.

The court was told that Ceissman, who appeared via video link to jail, was first seen in the white Porsche Boxster about 8.20am.

Police said Ceissman, from Glebe in Sydney, was driving north on the Hume Highway near Woomargama, sitting in the right lane at 106km/h.

A short while later, when police turned on their lights and sirens, the Porsche sped away at up to 206km/h and remained above 200km/h for at least the next 12 kilometres.

At 8.51am, police from the Wagga Highway Patrol saw the Posche, about a kilometre south of Sylvias Gap Road, which meant he had traveled about 100 kilometres in 29 minutes.

They followed, so Ceissman drew away to reach a speed of over 230km/h at South Gundagai.

“As the vehicle crossed the Sheahan Bridge at Gundagai, it was estimated that the vehicle reached a speed of over 250km/h due to it increasing its distance from the police vehicle. As police rounded a left-hand bend, they observed blue smoke rising into the area from the roadway about 800 metres ahead.”

A police tracker dog found Ceissman hiding in a creek.