Alcohol no excuse for assault against wife, says magistrate

Nila Dabadi
Nila Dabadi

A MAN who threatened to kill his wife before punching her multiple times in the head on Christmas Day has been ostracised from his community, a court has heard.

Nila Dabadi recently fronted the Wodonga Magistrates Court following the drunken incident.

He was drinking VB stubbies at home and became paranoid about his wife. 

She had been watching a movie on a laptop in another room and Dabadi went in to check on her about 10 times.

He became enraged, hitting walls and cupboards, and she tried to calm him down.

He punched her in the head and face, causing their children to cry, and the victim ran from their Wodonga house when police attended.

She was covering her face with a towel after receiving a cut and a fractured eye socket from the punches.

Dabadi was wailing and unsteady on his feet as he walked out of the home, and appeared to be extremely drunk.

When asked why he had committed the offence, he blamed the beer.

“I don’t know why, maybe all the alcohol did it,” he said to police.

Dabadi had spent 17 years in a Nepalese refugee camp before moving to Australia in 2008.

He hasn’t had any contact with his family following the attack.

Lawyer Sally Wilson said he had sought treatment following the incident.

“It’s serious your honour, my client knows it’s serious,” she told magistrate David Faram.

Dabadi spent time in the Kerferd mental health unit after the incident followed by alcohol treatment.

“It really was his lowest point and you can see how unwell he must have been,” Ms Wilson said.

Mr Faram said while alcohol perhaps explained his behaviour, “it can never be an excuse for how you behave”.

“There is no possible justification for acting in the way that you did,” he said.

“It was outrageous.

“You savagely assaulted someone to whom you were married and was entitled to expect your love and protection.” 

He must perform 120 hours of community work.