Guilty to assaults

Jason James Forbes

Jason James Forbes

A Culcairn man got so badly affected by too much anti-depressant medication that he attacked his partner and put her teenage son in a headlock.

Jason James Forbes was incapacitated for over 24 hours, Albury Local Court has heard, before unleashing a torrent of abuse at his partner. When she pointed out she paid for everything, he replied: “We’re done,” then grabbed her around the throat and in the struggle, fell on top of the 15-year-old.

Forbes, 37 – who said he was seeking help for his issues – pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, possess a prohibited drug and self-administer a prohibited drug.

“This is quite a serious event, these assaults,” magistrate Rodney Brender told Forbes.

“I think you need a pre-sentence report and you need to get a lawyer.”

The court was told Forbes and the victim had been in an on-off relationship for about 10 years, though had been together for the past four.

She had four children from a previous relationship, including the teenage boy, and Forbes had been suffering from depression caused by not being able to find work for 18 months.

The woman returned from work on April 4 about 5.30pm to find Forbes unconscious outside the house. A day later he was still under the influence.

It is believed Forbes had taken up to 30 120 milligram duloxetine tablets and an unknown number of 300 milligram pregabalin tablets.

He also drank some cans of bourbon and cola, though police believe he was most affected by the drugs.

On April 7, he was admitted to Wagga hospital, where he was seen to self-administer one gram of heroin. A nurse later found 3.9 grams of heroin in his possession.

Forbes will be sentenced on June 18.