YOU SAY: Border Mail readers have their say on the issues of the day

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and it was never more evident than at the Lavington Sports Ground last Saturday arfternoon when Ovens and Murray Football League champion Matt Pendergast went down, that being the cloud.

The silver lining was the sportsmanship displayed by both clubs at the start of the match when almost every field position started with opponents shaking hands before the start of the game. Historically great rivals but with a healthy respect for each other. It is something rarely seen in today's game, but compulsory in the days of old.

DARK CLOUD: A footy fan says the injury to Matt Pendergast was a blow for all supporters, but that the sportsmanship shown by both teams on the day was a highlight.

DARK CLOUD: A footy fan says the injury to Matt Pendergast was a blow for all supporters, but that the sportsmanship shown by both teams on the day was a highlight.

The AFL could learn a lot from these clubs with their ridiculous argy bargy at the start of games. And to you Matt, on behalf of every sports player, fan and official in the entire district, we all wish you well in your recovery because we all have an enormous respect for you and your contribution to sport and most important of all, sportsmanship.

Pete Pattenden, Leneva

Too much plastic

Most of us agree that cutting down on the use of plastic is vital for the good of the environment so I have been very surprised to see some supermarkets using more plastic packaging, rather than less.

I have seen fresh vegetables sweating and going mouldy neatly packed in plastic. 

More of the fresh food area has become an array of plastic containers and wrappings.

We have to be careful not to harass the staff about this as they have no say in what goes on the shelves and big companies do not seem to be interested in individual consumer complaints.

I have been told that when regulations start in July, shoppers will still be able to have purchases in a plastic bag but they will have to pay for it and stores expect that consumers will not notice this extra cost on the docket. Big companies seek to thwart new regulations, even before they are in place.

Some of us grow our own fruit and vegetables and others go to the Sunday market, but many of us have no choice except the supermarket.

I feel as though I am fighting a lone battle here as I watch the big supermarkets blatantly going in a direction which is the opposite of what is expected in our society.

Ann Brennan, West Albury

Right vote on pool

Finally we have councillors on Federation Council who support the majority of ratepayers who preferred the 50-metre pool (see survey results) for Corowa. To the naysayers, I would hope the strategic plan for Corowa isn’t to become a large retirement village and cater predominately to the over 60s.

Corowa should be attractive to young families, we need them. Corowa ratepayers can’t afford $1 million-plis in operation costs for an indoor heated facility, and it is only 40 minutes to Wangaratta. 

Leea Swasbrick, Corowa

Have your say

The federal budget was handed down on May 8 and I want to hear what the people of Indi think about the budget. It takes only a few minutes to fill out the online survey at my website

You can fill out the short survey until May 25. Encourage your family and friends to do the same. Responses will be used to inform my “speech in reply” to the budget, and a formal report will be presented to the Prime Minister. 

Cathy McGowan, member for Indi