FOUND: Missing Milly on way home

FOUND: Missing Milly on way home
Amelia MacLeod is missing from her Melbourne home.

Amelia MacLeod is missing from her Melbourne home.

MISSING Albury teenager Milly MacLeod has been found in Kiama.

NSW police located Milly, pictured, alone at 6pm yesterday and she was taken to hospital for medical treatment, ending the nationwide search.

Milly suffers from severe anorexia and weighs just 30 kilograms.

She was last seen by family and friends at her Coburg share house more than a week ago.

Milly’s father Dr Craig MacLeod, of Albury, was last night driving to be with his 19-year-old daughter.

Her mother Julie was returning to Albury from Melbourne.

“We’re so relieved and so grateful to everyone for their attention and concern,” Mrs MacLeod said.

Milly had checked into a Kiama hotel for five days having given the name Amy MacLeod, from Albury, but checked out yesterday.

Mrs MacLeod said initial police briefings indicated a police officer had stumbled across the missing teen on the streets of Kiama, on the NSW south coast, hours later.

“So we’re just very, very lucky that he saw her,” Mrs MacLeod said.

Victoria Police, Crime Stoppers Victoria and the MacLeod family launched a missing person campaign earlier this week, with more than 100 sightings reported across Australia.

“Up until then we were feeling quite helpless,” Mrs MacLeod said.

Crime Stoppers Victoria received several reported sightings of Milly in Kiama on Monday night and yesterday, which led police to check hotels.

“Someone came home from a holiday at Kiama, saw the news and then they rang the police and said they’d spoken to her,” Dr MacLeod said.

“They said it matched her description, it seemed like a skinny little kid and the police checked and she was under a very similar name, there were just too many matches.”

Milly does not drive and police believed she used public transport to travel to Kiama.