Put thought into language push

CAN the country survive another of Julia’s grand plans?

Another idea, another agenda, a new plan to implement and more billions to spend.

Why? Because it sounds terrific but isn’t that the beauty of a scam, that it sounds like the best thing since sliced bread and you’d be a fool to question it.

As a parent of six children who covers five decades in the education system if I count my own years, I have seen the “benefits” of learning a language.

And it’s not great.

I participated in French at the secondary level and I can actually recall and use correctly some words (but never to a Frenchman.)

My children were subject to Italian for every year of primary and three of secondary and truly they have no useful knowledge of Italian at all.

Before you begin to assign blame to them I know that I am not the only disgruntled parent on the language front.

I don’t mind a language being taught but I believe if you are going to do something then truly do it, don’t treat it as an afterthought.

Either really teach it or forget it.

I just don’t think the “system” has the necessary skills to teach language and other subjects to the degree they require.

More wasted monies which would be better spent learning the skills needed to educate people not just indoctrinate them to pass an exam set by a person who has never yet left the education system for a taste of the real world.