Arsonists strike again at cars

ANOTHER burnt-out car and the latest victim, retired cleaner Peter Tanner, has had enough.

The Wodonga resident suspects he was targeted because a neighbour thought he “dobbed” on him over an ongoing dispute between people who live in the area.

He woke up about 1.30am yesterday to find the interior of his Nissan Navara ablaze in his Mann Street driveway.

A man has been charged with criminal damage by fire and freed on bail.

Meanwhile, Mr Tanner, 53, is now living behind two lines of police tape that cordon off his black and stinking former work vehicle.

“I want to be out of here. This is just too much,” Mr Tanner said.

“I’m too old for this. I never had this when I was younger.”

Mr Tanner is living in public housing, like many others on the street.

He’s now pondering how he and his partner can uproot and start again in an area where they don’t fear their neighbours.

Across town, in West Wodonga, another family were also struck by arsonists at the weekend.

The offender or offenders torched a car belonging to a family friend who had recently moved away.

Passers-by called the fire brigade about 6.20am on Saturday.

The 1995 Statesman sedan was in the process of being restored.

In both arson cases the flames were contained to interior of the vehicles, and it appears the fires started from the drivers’ seats.

Sgt Wal Larkin, from Wodonga police, said investigations into who was responsible for the Saturday morning incident were continuing.

A week before, arsonists destroyed three cars and damaged four others at a Wodonga car yard.

Earlier this month Wodonga police reported car thefts had jumped by 58 per cent in a year.

Peter Tanner with his burnt-out Nissan Navara. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN

Peter Tanner with his burnt-out Nissan Navara. Picture: PETER MERKESTEYN