Thurgoona Plaza slammed for lack of security 


THE family of a man bashed and left requiring facial surgery yesterday have slammed Thurgoona Plaza management for not having security surveillance or guards monitoring its complex.

The victim, a man, 21, described as being quiet and having a heart of gold, drove to the plaza to buy lollies for his grandmother on Wednesday night.

“I feel guilty in a way, he was only there because he was buying lollies for me,” his grandmother, who did not want to be named, said.

“We both have a sweet tooth and he was popping in to buy them and come see his nanna.”

Her grandson was approached on the top level car park, near the entrance to the elevator foyer, by three male teenagers at about 8.30pm.

One of them, aged 16, allegedly hit him so hard he fell to the ground.

They forced him into the foyer area where the act occurred.

It is alleged the 16-year-old continued his vicious assault as the other teens, 16 and 18, prevented a witness from intervening.

The man was rushed to Albury hospital in an ambulance with fractures, swelling and cuts to his face.

Yesterday, out of fear, the Thurgoona grandmother cancelled her 6pm hair appointment at the plaza.

“My grandson is the quietest and most placid person you would ever meet and he has a heart of gold,” she said.

“It’s disgusting what they did to him, it makes me sick.”

The victim’s family approached management to obtain security footage yesterday but were told there was none.

The family was told there were security cameras inside Woolworths and inside the gym at the upstairs car park.

However, there are no security cameras in the car park itself or the elevator foyer where there are also toilets.

The grandmother said she could not believe there were no security cameras or guards in the public areas.

She said she often drove upstairs as she found it easier to park and convenient to take the elevator.

“I am 70-odd and there’s no way I will be going there after 6pm,” she said.

It is believed the victim knew his attacker.

He remained at Albury hospital last night, waiting for a surgeon to operate on his eye socket that is believed to be broken.

Last night his aunty, who visited the hospital and did not want to be named, said her nephew’s face was black and blue.

“It just broke my heart because he was just getting lollies for his nan,” she said.

“People need to be wary because there’s no surveillance, there’s nothing and anything could happen.

“I am livid because they have late night trading, so there should be some security measures to help protect the public.”