Murray Conservatorium Choir Christmas concerts



CLASSIC carols will join with less familiar works as a Border choir launches into the Christmas season with two performances this weekend.

Murray Conservatorium Choir presents A Concert of Carols in Albury on Saturday evening and Wodonga Sunday afternoon.

The program focuses on tunes collected, discovered and published in an influential work, The Oxford Book of Carols, in 1928, with many then incorporated into the well-known Carols for Choirs, first released in 1961.

Musical director Hugh Fullarton has also written some new string arrangements for the occasion.

Audience members will be invited to join in singing some of the old favourites.

A choir spokesman said a carol originally meant a dance or song of praise and joy, with the first being pagan songs sung at the winter solstice.

“The early Christians replaced the pagan celebrations with Christmas and provided the people with songs on Christian themes,” he said.

A Concert of Carols will be performed on Saturday at St Matthew’s Church, Albury, from 7.30pm and the following day at St John’s Church, Wodonga, from 2.30pm.

  • Entertainment: P18-19​