Hopes video from burnt-out car saved

GUTTED: The taxi
GUTTED: The taxi

AN ARSON attack on a stolen taxi will cause financial pain for several drivers, says the vehicle’s owner.

Amalgamated Taxis Wodonga chairman Scott Cowie’s white Ford Falcon station wagon was stolen from outside one of his driver’s homes early Wednesday morning.

Mr Cowie learnt the vehicle had been stolen when a Tasmanian taxi call centre detected the car driving erratically.

He hopes security footage can be retrieved from the vehicle despite it being destroyed.

“We’re still trying to get the footage out of the camera,” he said.

“It has to be sent to Queensland – it was pretty badly burnt.”

An Albury taxi was gutted by fire in October, 2013, and Mr Cowie said footage was able to be recovered.

“The cameras are quite sturdy, like a black box,” he said.

“I’m disappointed the car was stolen.

“Two blokes have lost a week’s wage and casual staff have lost a wage.

“I went to Melbourne (on Wednesday) and got a replacement taxi.

“It’s still going to be out of work until at least Tuesday.”

The vehicle was parked outside a home in Nowland Avenue, Lavington, and Mr Cowie hopes someone knows who stole it.

“It’s part of my business, it provides jobs,” he said.

“It will cost a substantial amount of money.”

 Albury Detective Inspector Winston Woodward has appealed for anyone who may have information to contact (02) 6023 9299 or or 1800 333 000.