Albury Wodonga Theatre Company rehearsing Chicago, to open on Border in May

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipschitz. He had it comin’

The lyrics capture the jazz-era scene inside Chicago’s Cook Country Jail, and that atmosphere will soon engulf The Cube Wodonga.

Chicago is the longest running American musical on Broadway, featuring some of the most famous songs written including All That Jazz, Razzle Dazzle, Mister Cellophane as well as Cell Block Tango.

Filled with jazz-hot choreography, arresting characters and a sizzling soundtrack, Chicago is acclaimed as the quintessential Broadway musical. 

The Albury Wodonga Theatre Company brings the fabulously sinful fun of Chicago to The Cube this May.

Join vaudevillian murderesses and rivals Roxie Hart (performed by Olivia Aughton) and Velma Kelly (Poppi Pomfrett), both locked up in the Cook County Jail, and both chasing fame and fortune. 

Roxie is naïve and ambitious for the spotlight, while Velma is a former nightclub sensation desperate to regain her celebrity status. Both hire smooth-talking, high-priced lawyer-to-the-stars Billy Flynn (Will Bonnici)  to get them out of jail and on to the front pages.

But Billy Flynn is partial to the spotlight himself, and it’ll take some ingenious scheming by Roxie and Velma to get out of the joint and their names in lights.

For Aughton it will be her first leading role but the Albury netball coach is well known across the Border for her dancing exploits – and she is no stranger to the jazz music of the 1920s

Aughton, who represented Albury Tigers, and her partner Chay Styles won the judges’ choice award at last year’s Stars of the Border Dance For Cancer event with their quick-step combination inspired by The Great Gatsby.

“We’re so excited,” Aughton says, “I’m really looking forward to playing Roxie. She’s very ambitious … and I’m super excited to get out on stage with my fellow cast members.”

The Lowdown

What: Chicago

When: May 10-19, The Cube Wodonga

Tickets: from $29